Maintenance Shop Supervisor


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MSI is looking for a Maintenance Shop Supervisor to join the team!

Mission:  Support the Maintenance team in its efforts to complete work efficiently, on time, and to accepted workmanship standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be physically available during production shift. Be the immediate go-to person in the maintenance shop in support of Maintenance Techs.
  • Be the immediate Service Manager contact to support incoming requests from the Production Floor
  • Must support Engineering in training of Maintenance Techs on new equipment
  • Must support Service Manager with Performance Evaluation feedback,
  • Must support Service Manager with 90-day on-boarding/training plans,
  • Assess issues and assign resources (when available) to:
    • 5S (Includes sub-assemblies, test rowing, boxing, wall to wall)
    • Preventable Quality Defects
    • On time completion of tickets,
    • Auditing of toolboxes,
    • Support material replenishment needs for on hand inventory & wear items,
    • Safety,
    • Immediate Scheduling Reassignments,
    • Training, Inspection and Feedback Support,
  • Provide positive and/or constructive feedback to all; Maintenance Techs, Internal Customers, Management,
  • Go to Service and Engineering Managers, for any situation that cannot be covered by available resources.
  • Support 5S by providing feedback to the Maintenance Techs,
  • As problems arise and you can’t identify the root cause of the problem on your shift, discuss with those involved and drive to solution.
  • Support on time completion of all tasks
  • Enforce uniform work methods, uniform workmanship standards, and successful completion of all tasks – “Do it right the first time”
  • Enforce safe work practices
  • Crosstrain team members to ensure multiple people have all of the skills and experience needed to complete all repairs
  • Enforce accurate and timely use of purchase order system, including the use of common components from standard vendors
  • Work towards good morale and satisfaction of Production Staff, Management, and Customers – 360 review and customer satisfaction feedback
  • Other duties as needed/assigned.



MSI Values plus the following:

  • Production experience
  • Proven ability to work at Master Skill Level (Leads by example)
  • Proven Leadership Ability:
  • Enables others to achieve quality and efficient services to production teams
  • Able to identify and eliminate waste
  • Able to troubleshoot effectively
  • Able to use numbers and metrics to communicate and make decisions
  • Able to manage documentation requirements
  • Able to give both positive and constructive feedback

MSI offers a full range of benefits to full time employees including: 401k; Health, Dental, Life and Vision insurance; Profit Sharing Bonus Program; Health Savings Account and more.

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment of selected candidates is conditional upon clear background screening as well as the ability to meet the physical requirements of the position in pre-employment physical.


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