Streamline production and mitigate logistical headaches with on-demand distribution, supply chain, and inventory management solutions.

Our experienced technicians provide complete logistics services that many companies simply don’t have the expertise, time, or capital to effectively manage.

From production to the shipping, storage, and supply chain coordination, MSI will improve your time to market and ensure quality assurance.

Logistic services

Our Manufacturing Logistics Services


Inventory & Storage

Proper inventory management can be a challenge for businesses that lack the time and skilled personnel. We utilize industry process disciplines that ensure timely order placement, intake quality control, and dependable inventory management. If you are running into issues regarding lack of storage space, a need for shipping and receiving expertise, or heavy equipment, we have your solution.

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Warehousing & Distribution

MSI manages over 350,000 square feet of warehouse space strategically located in Vermont to accommodate a variety of shipments to major New England transportation hubs. These locations ensure your distribution operation is always ready to fulfill customer orders. Before you build, buy, or lease space, consult our warehousing and distribution services for a tailored solution.

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Supply Chain Management

MSI helps manufacturers and businesses tie together logistics, transportation, and warehousing to create an end-to-end supply chain strategy. We employ Lean manufacturing, 6S, and Kaizen practices to eliminate waste, reduce unnecessary costs, and operate as efficiently as possible for our customers.

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