Supply Chain Management Solutions

MSI specializes in leveraging integrated supply chain solutions to create positive bottom-line impacts for manufacturers and business.


Leverage a suite of custom services that continuously optimizes and manages your unique supply chain. Our integrated supply chain services tie together various aspects of logistics including receiving, transportation, warehousing, and more to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

We listen to your unique situation, take the time to assess and strategize, and apply practical, accepted industry practices designed to optimize your outcome. Our customizable supply chain management solutions contribute to an end-to-end strategy that will successfully scale as your needs fluctuate.

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Eliminate logistical headaches with end-to-end supply chain management solutions.

Reduce Costs

Our Lean manufacturing and 6S philosophies, and proprietary process management system continually drives us to seek improvements, eliminate waste, and operate as efficiently as possible. Our streamlined supply chain management processes work to save you money, reduce receiving errors, and ensure the protection of your inventory.

Customizable End-to-End Manufacturing Services

Add tangible value to your supply chain operations with our additional services to support your operation, including contract assembly and sub-assembly, precision cutting, metal processing and finishing, kitting and packing services, warehouse receiving, truck transportation, and worldwide shipping.

Flexible and Expedited Delivery

Never miss a deadline and respond with speed to fluctuating demands by outsourcing your unique supply chain needs to a trusted third-party logistics service provider. With expertise in diverse and dynamic supply chain environments, our logistics team provides flexibility and adaptability, assuring that your customers get their orders on time and as ordered.


With over 350,000 square feet of warehouse space available, you can be sure that when it’s time to grow, MSI is prepared to handle your requirements. Growing companies appreciate the ability to quickly increase customer order capacity without having to increase space or hire additional labor.

Made in America

A multi-year recipient of the Vermont Business Growth Award, MSI is headquartered and fully operates in Morrisville, Vermont. We assemble and deliver your products quickly and efficiently from right here in the US. Your customers will notice and appreciate the difference.


Our highly skilled team follows our work instructions and quality management system to meet your requirements. Avoid costly product returns and meet customer expectations. If MSI causes the defect, MSI credits you 100%.

Industry Expertise

Our logistics specialists know the ins and outs of supply chain management best practices and follow strict requirements to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. We offer customers a 100% defect-free guarantee on all our finalized products and all of our processes and practices are well documented, effective and receive regular reviews and adjustments.


Our company-wide commitment to Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, and 6S principles have improved our customer value year after year. Our dedication and focus on optimizing assembly processes enables our manufacturing operation to produce and deliver higher quality products in less time with less waste.


MSI augments your workforce with skilled and experienced technicians, eliminating the need to attract, hire, and train new employees so you can save time and money, and scale with your production demand.

Assemble. Package. Store. Deliver. 

For a flat-rate, we'll assemble, package, store and deliver high-quality products quickly and collaboratively to achieve your company's dynamic production goals. If MSI causes the defect, MSI credits you 100%.