Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Contract Assembly and Packaging Services

We're a contract manufacturer.  Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. provides high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing and supply chain solutions for other manufacturers. 


Every manufacturer enjoys periods of growth, and periods when the orders aren't as robust.  Finding that production sweet-spot is an ongoing objective.  Partnering with MSI serves to flatten out the peaks and valleys, enabling your operation to function smoothly and consistently regardless of the ups and downs.

Add MSI to your manufacturing team. For a flat-rate, we’ll assemble, package, store and ship your products, with a zero-defect guarantee.


Why Work with MSI for Product Assembly?

It's just plain easier for you.  MSI occupies a unique niche.  MSI quickly resolves many of the challenges that manufacturers are likely to experience at some time or another.  

MSI creates added value by offering cost-effective, time-saving quality production with a 100% zero-defect guarantee.

Skilled Workforce - Save time.  Save money.  MSI augments your team, eliminating your need to attract, hire and train new employees or integrating less-skilled 'temps'.  Let MSI scale with your demand.

Production Space - Instantly.  MSI increases your production footprint without your investment in time and capital by building construction, buying or leasing additional space.

Get Back on Schedule - Your secret weapon.  When your actual production throughput isn't matching your delivery deadline, MSI's high-volume production will get you quickly back on track.

The Stability of Fixed Per-Unit Pricing - Every manufacturer is challenged with controling production labor costs.  MSI's fixed-pricing per-unit virtually eliminates this fluctuation, flattens costs and saves companies money.

100% Zero-Defect Guarantee - What are product returns costing your business?  Product returns erode a manufacturer's bottomline.  MSI's defect rate in 2019 was 0.0002%.  This enables MSI the confidence in our exacting processes to offer you a money-back guarantee.  If MSI causes the defect, MSI credits you 100%.

Process Expertise - Are you operating your manufacturing at peak efficiency?  Is there room for improvement?  MSI process engineers eat, breathe and sleep proven LEAN, Kaizen and 6-S principles.  Our process costs are projected to decrease 5% each year...year after year.  This companywide commitment will enable your manufacturing operation to produce and deliver higher quality in less time, with less waste...with more profits.

Consistently Higher Quality - MSI consistently exceeds ISO 9001:2015 standards.  The confidence we have in our quality enables MSI to offer a 100% zero-defect product guarantee.  In 2019, MSI's defect rate was 0.0002%.  Imaghine what that does for a manufacturer's profits.

Capitalize on Market Opportunities - MSI is your secret weapon.  As you develop newer, faster, better technologies with your trusted team of in-house technicians, while delegating the assembly of your legacy products and technologies to MSI.  We won't tell.

Bring it Back Home -  The drum of "reshoring manufacturing", or "repatriating outsourcing" is beating stronger.  The offshore manufacturing trend experienced over the last few decades is being called into question.  Products made internationally may be initially less expensive to make.  Delivery time, responsiveness and higher product return costs can drive the total cost of manufacturing above domestic assembly costs.  MSI will build it better and deliver your products more quickly, from right here in the US.  Your customers will appreciate the difference.

Delegating - A common and effective practice in business.  Most business leaders would struggle without divesting themselves of those tasks that are better suited for others.  Choosing to outsource your assembly and supply chain challenges to MSI provides you with the confidence of knowing that your products are getting out the door, on-time and with the quality you expect.

Do What You Do Best - Why are you in business?  Many entrepreneurs dream of creating and developing products that will be well-received in the marketplace, and to make a reasonable profit.  Few owners and start-up businesses dream of experiencing the challenges relating to overseeing a large company with many employees and levels of bureaucracy.   Work on product improvement, product development and optimizing your customer experience...and let MSI do what we do best.


Specialized, Value-Added Assembly Services

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Assembly Automation
  • Die Cutting
  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • CNC Milling
  • TIG & MIG Welding
  • Soldering
  • Shot-Blasting
  • Grinding
  • Stitching
  • Fixtures & Jigs
  • Riveting
  • Parkerizing & Surface Coating

Assembly & Sub-Assembly Equipment

  • Bar-Tacker
  • 35-Ton Freeman Head Press Die Cutter
  • Screw-feeders
  • Motoman Robot System
  • One Step Chamber Shrink Wrapper
  • Robotic Assembly Processes
  • Riv-Nut Gun & Pneumatic Tools
  • Arbor Press
  • Torque Cut TC3 CNC Milling Machine
  • Spinner Hanger Shot Blaster
  • Empire Basket Blaster
  • Abrasive Blast Cabinet w/Dust Collector
  • Empire Dust Collector with Electrical Upgrade
  • Portable Rivet Squeezer w/31-piece Rivet Set
  • Parkerizing (Metal Coating) Tanks
  • Industrial Band-Saw & Drill Presses


Advantages of Working with MSI

On-Time Delivery

Utilizing the most up-to-date and efficient processes, MSI delivers high-quality products, quickly meeting customer demands.


MSI offers a 100% defect-free guarantee on MSI workmanship.


By employing Lean Manufacturing philosophies, our team is constantly improving and getting the training they need. From our engineers to our machinists, technicians, and assemblers, MSI has your solution.

Reduce Costs

Our 6-S processes drive us to continuously identify cost reduction opportunities, benefiting our clients and their customers.


Flexibility is a key MSI value.  Grow with MSI as your manufacturing partner.  Together we will quickly and collaboratively achieve your company's dynamic production goals. 


Solutions is Our Middle Name

Skilled Workforce
Production Space
Consistent High Quality
Process Expertise
Expedited Delivery

If these are your challenges, MSI has your solution.

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