Contract Manufacturing

Improve your Efficiency, Control Costs, and Eliminate Waste when Advancing your Product from Design to Delivery.

The MSI team provides complete assembly and sub-assembly services for companies that want to focus their efforts on growth, not production requirements. Our contract manufacturing team prides itself on providing customers with high-quality finished products backed by our 100% defect-free guarantee and ISO 9001:2015 Certification. 

Rather be building your business and spending less time managing the hassles of production?  It’s time to give MSI a call. Our product engineers have extensive experience in developing highly efficient processes in multiple disciplines; enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Our Manufacturing Services

Electrical Assembly.
Mechanical Assembly.
MSI has your Solution.

How do your Resources of Labor, Space and Time align with your Production Growth? From a one-time project to complete management of your supply chain...MSI has your Solution.
Does your process require high volume, high accuracy cutting of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass, Composites or other specialty materials?

Our large automated cutting tables make quick work with custom setups that allow you to bring CAD files to the table for a variety of materials and fabrics.

MSI has your solution.
Our seasoned product engineers and technicians offer an array of diverse expertise and production experience that address nearly any manufacturing challenge.

MSI has your solution.
MSI has the capabilities to assemble nearly any product.  The number of inquiries received each month by MSI concerning the assembly and/or manufacturing of various products is sometimes staggering.  The diversity of types of products, and level of prospective customer sophistication varies widely across a broad spectrum. 

Our team of highly-skilled engineers, managers and technicians implement Lean Manufacturing process and techniques to best serve our customers.

• Never Miss a Deadline
• Respond with Speed to Fluctuating Demands
• Increase Operational Efficiency
• Control Unnecessary Costs
• Eliminate Waste

MSI's Dedicated Quality Control Team

MSI's Dedicated Quality Control Team Supports our 100% Defect-Free Guarantee.

Solutions is Our Middle Name

Skilled Workforce
Production Space
Consistent High Quality
Process Expertise
Expedited Delivery

If these are your challenges, MSI has your solution.

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