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MSI Expansion is Taking Shape

July 10, 2019

MSI Expansion is Taking Shape

US Manufacturing is alive and well! 

It seems that more and more manufacturers are discovering the overall cost-effective benefits, and ease of working with contract manufacturers like Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI).  The fact that MSI is a recipient of the Vermont Business Growth Award for the last four consecutive years suggests that this is not a short-term phenomenon. 

Surveyed customers cite MSI’s:

  • On-Demand Skilled Technicians
  • Instant Production Space
  • ISO 9001:2015 High-Quality
  • Lean Process/Efficiency Expertise
  • Stability of Fixed per-Unit Pricing
  • The MSI 100% Zero-Defect Guarantee

as reasons why they choose MSI.  As new clients continue to partner with MSI, space is getting tight! 

MSI’s current 62,000 SF expansion is increasing production space by 56% by connecting our two existing production buildings together bringing the total space to 172,691 SF. 

Is your production, assembly and/or fulfillment process working as well as it could?  Let’s talk. 

MSI – Solutions is our Middle Name.

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