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The Culture of MSI

The Culture of MSI

When Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI) recruits, it finishes each ad with the words “Come as you are; Discover what is possible.” MSI’s culture starts with the commitment to meet all employees where they are at; as themselves. More than ever, we are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and investing resources into making sure our teams are set up for success. Not only have we embedded diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical location, and more into our hiring practices, but we also continue to hold ourselves to aspirational benchmarks and goals to yield our desired diversity results.

A major initiative we have taken at MSI is the implementation of the Diversity Team. Together, the team has created and publicized several actions that can be completed daily by all employees at MSI. A few of these actions include awareness of vocal tone and identifying and providing education on preferred pronouns. The Diversity Team is also spearheading the creation of an unconscious bias training program, the translation of all MSI materials into multiple languages, and a display of our employees’ origin flags in our common area.


We have also revisited our core values of Accountability, Flexibility, Collaboration, Productivity, and Solution-Oriented and added the values of Diversity and Wellness to help guide our passion and our commitment to creating the healthiest, most empowered staff we can. Our commitment to our staff is exemplified from the message of our Wellness value: “MSI is about people, and we invite the whole person to MSI. We recognize the need for each of us to develop self-care and well-being practices managing ourselves most effectively, further supporting the community.”


The creation of our “community” here at MSI is very important to us. Our leaders communicate and interact with employees daily to collaborate on MSI’s vision for the future: what we celebrate and recognize, what we expect, how we make decisions, and what beliefs and perceptions we hope to reinforce. Our workplace practices have progressed in how we reward our employees for their hard work (company-wide luncheons, incentives for hitting milestones, and recognition awards), how we promote wellness (a state-of-the-art gymnasium, healthy snacks, and healthcare benefits), and how we promote a work/life balance (paid vacation time, paid holidays, complimentary coaching, and inclusive out-of-work activities like picnics and sporting events). It is because of this that our employees enjoy showing up every day and growing with us.


MSI has made great strides as an Equal Opportunity Employer. Come as you are; Discover what is possible is more than just a recruitment phrase, it is emblematic of our dedication to celebrating individuals for who they are, and what they bring to the MSI team rather than the color of their skin, their gender or any other factor that is not related to how they work, and how they contribute to our mission and values. MSI is proud of its commitment to our staff and to the community we work in. We are one of the largest employers in Lamoille County, with employees from over fifty different countries and at least six languages spoken daily on the manufacturing floor.


We are already seeing the benefits of a diverse workplace here at MSI. As we hire people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, we are bringing in a fresh array of perspectives, better problem-solving, and increased productivity. We benefit from these new thought patterns and, in turn, become more innovative. As we embrace diversity more and more, we are becoming an example of a progressive place to work. We offer our employees a space where they can grow, feel accepted, and be challenged. When our employees feel comfortable being themselves, they are happier and more productive. If you are looking for work in an exciting, energized environment where you can grow and be valued for who you are and your contributions to the company, come join the MSI family!


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