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Need A Hand?

Need A Hand?

It’s the end of the year, a time when many businesses are either making big purchases or upgrades to their infrastructure or holding off on new expenses until the New Year so that their expenses more evenly match their revenues. As a logistics partner, we see this influx all the time, regardless of whether the fiscal year end is approaching. For those that are squeezing in the big purchases before year-end, the timing of their deliveries is not always the best. Other times, the delivery may involve the need for a loading dock and/or forklift. And chances are, that if a forklift’s involved, then insufficient space or storage is also at play. That’s where we come in.

MSI, located in Morrisville, VT at the intersection of busy rural trucking highways of VT Routes 100 and 15, serves as the area’s solution for inbound and outbound shipments.

Local businesses have trusted MSI for decades to assist in dealing with inbound and outbound shipments. In some scenarios, MSI has also provided the shipping solution in between locations for area businesses. Recently, for example, High Mowing Seeds needed a large delivery of palettes brought from their location in Wolcott to the Venture Center in Hardwick, and then back to their headquarters. MSI’s Logistics services were able to make that happen immediately for them.

Or, take for example, a small café that’s set to receive a brand-new refrigeration unit for their kitchen. The unit is set to be delivered during business hours. Rather than closing the business for the day in anticipation for this large delivery that would halt service to its customers, they can have the delivery sent to MSI and then MSI will deliver it whenever its convenient for the local business, without affecting day-to-day operations.

Simply put, when resources are limited, MSI is the solution. Our staff and the out-of-the-box services we provide can lend a hand in those times of need. After all, “Solutions” is our middle name.

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