M9000 Department Manager

M9000 Department Manager

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is looking to hire a hands-on Department Manager for a very unique small department in our facility.

The M9000 department is made up of a small, experienced, knowledgeable, well-functioning production team. The Department Manager must be comfortable working as part of the team as customer demands fluctuate. Looking for a pro-active team leader who is solution-oriented and accountable.

This position requires frequent customer interaction, excellent attention to detail, and good written and verbal communication skills. A proven ability to motivate, lead and relate to a diverse work force along with strong functional knowledge and the ability to work with computers is a must. Previous supervisory experience is required, preferably in a manufacturing environment, overseeing teams of 5 or more employees on a consistent basis.

Knowledge and familiarity working with carbon fiber, cutting tables and the ability to interpret customer supplied drawings would be extremely helpful.

Benefits include paid holidays, CTO, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, an HSA, profit sharing and a 401k plan.

MSI offers on-site perks including a free on-site gym.

Essential Functions:

  • Creates and updates line schedules on a daily basis to ensure proper staffing to support line production process. Keep Outlook calendar up to date.

  • Assists in the daily supervision and management of staff

  • Assists in the hiring and disciplining of staff.
  • Proactively reviews daily/weekly production goals, and takes action to maximize staff assignments, and schedules to meet goals for the Department. Reports on status to production manager in a timely manner.  
  • On a daily basis, and throughout the shift, enters, and up-dates staff station assignments in accordance with department policy.
  • Data enters station log time corrections as needed to accurately reflect changes on the line
  • On a weekly basis, reviews, and produces line weekend hours report. Takes action to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Reviews and approves payroll hours and communicates status to accounting / HR on a weekly basis. Takes action to ensure that information is accurate and complete.
  • Enters Call outs into Zeus system in accordance with department policies.
  • Proactively reviews time off requests and transmits responses in a timely manner.
  • Orients new staff and helps new hires with clocking in and out of Zeus system
  • At the end of shift shutdowns building in accordance with company policy, takes action to ensure work areas are clean and ready for next shift
  • Prior to the start of shifts, performs building start up in accordance with company policy.
  • Oversees, carries out, and/or leads Dept. Break Time. Takes action to ensure breaks are provided in accordance with department policy.
  • Oversees, participates in, and/or leads Dept. Stretch Time. Takes action to ensure employees get and participate in daily stretched in accordance with department policy.
  • Proactively scans line operation throughout the shift and takes action to address issues (slowdowns, broken equipment, etc.) as they arise in a timely manner
  • Assigns Cells, and floor supervisors as needed to address issues that arise on the line to meet production demands
  • Knowledgeable of MSI Fire Evac, Emergency and police involvement situations
  • Proactively identifies worker ergonomics and, in collaboration with Making sure staff is using proper ergonomics/ correct if not
  • Proactively carries out station and department audits to ensure compliance with quality and productions standards. Reports findings to Production Manager in a timely manner. Takes action to ensure defect rate is less than 2% for all lines
  • Proactively reviews line work and takes action to ensure that defective parts are maintained and quarantined in accordance with company quality protocol.
  • Keeps up to date with Company Policies. Changes practices accordingly.
  • Familiarise self with MSI Career Matrix for appropriate positions, informs and educates.
  • Provides management and supervision of staff including, but not limited to hiring, recommending terminations, developing corrective action plans and coaching for improvement plans
  • Performs basic tool maintenance as needed to facilitate production operations.
  • Maintains consumable goods storage closet and orders supplies as needed to ensure proper levels are on hand and accessible when needed.
  • Reviews production line staff to ensure adherence to MSI safety requirements.
  • Communicates with the warehouse staff as needed to ensure proper levels of parts are accessible to maximize production
  • Ensure 6s standards are maintained throughout the shift.

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment of selected candidates is conditional upon clear background screening as well as ability to meet the physical requirements of the position in a pre-employment physical.

Job Type: Full-time