Beth Salvas

Beth Salvas


Beth Salvas has been with MSI since its inception in 1996.  Her primary focus, from the beginning, was to develop what has now become a very robust employee Health and Wellness program.  Beth plays a pertinent role in assisting the general management team, sales, health and wellness, and property development teams at MSI.  She also oversees the company’s community efforts and charitable donations, sharing, “Garret and I were both born and raised here in Vermont and our community is very important to us.”

What she loves most about MSI:

“I most enjoy the people, the variety of work and the challenges something different every day.”

Quote she values:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”– Henry Ford

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Leadership Team
CEO and Founder
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources Manager
Business Development Manager
Senior Human Resource Director

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