The Insider’s Guide to MSI's Core Services & Capabilities

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MSI provides custom solutions engineered for your unique manufacturing needs so your business can focus on sales, marketing, product improvement, and new product development.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that evaluate the benefits of outsourcing to a contract service provider and identify the right manufacturing partner for their specific project can alleviate the common pain points associated with the manufacturing process.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What are MSI's core services
  • What capabilities does MSI have to offset your contract manufacturing needs
  • What sets MSI apart from other contract manufacturers
MSI's Core Services & Capabilities Guide

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What are MSI's Core Services?

MSI's Core Services

MSI's full-service suite of manufacturing services provides OEMs and businesses with reliable contract manufacturing service and end-to-end logistics and fulfillment.


  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Electrical Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Specialty Fabric/Material Cutting
  • Fulfillment Services – Picking, Kitting & Packing
  • Supply Management Services
  • Worldwide Logistics
  • Product & Inventory Storage
  • Commercial, Industrial, Office & Warehouse Space
  • Complete Supply Chain Solutions
Contract Manufacturing


Spend less time managing the hassles of production and focus more time on growing your business. Our experienced contract manufacturing technicians provide custom flexible manufacturing solutions including electrical and mechanical assembly and sub-assembly, high-volume precision cutting, and metal processing and finishing services to improve production efficiency, control costs, and eliminate waste.

MSI augments your workforce with skilled and experienced technicians, eliminating the need to attract, hire, and train new employees, so you can save time and money, and scale with your production demand. By outsourcing your contract manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment projects, you can instantly increase your production footprint without needing a capital-intensive investment like building, buying, or leasing additional facility space.

Every manufacturer is challenged with controlling production labor costs. MSI's fixed per-unit pricing virtually eliminates this fluctuation, flattens costs, and saves you money.

When your customer's demands change your production needs, MSI's flexible scheduling allows you to dial up or dial down production volume quickly. MSI will build your product the way you want it and deliver your products quicker, from right here in the US. You will be able to capitalize on market opportunities by developing newer, faster, and better technologies with your trusted team of in-house technicians while delegating the complicated assembly of your products and technologies to MSI.

Our company-wide commitment to Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, and 6-S principles have improved our customer value year after year. Our dedication and focus on optimizing assembly processes enables our manufacturing operation to produce and deliver higher quality products in less time with less waste.

A multi-year recipient of the Vermont Business Growth Award, MSI is headquartered and fully operates in Morrisville, Vermont. We assemble and deliver your products quickly and efficiently from right here in the US. Your customers will notice and appreciate the difference. Choosing to outsource your assembly and supply chain challenges to a trusted USA-based contract manufacturer provides you with the confidence of knowing that your products are shipped on time and with the quality your customers expect.



Streamline production and mitigate logistical headaches with on-demand distribution, supply chain, and inventory management solutions. Our experienced technicians provide complete logistics services that many companies simply don’t have the expertise, time, or capital to effectively manage.

From production to the shipping, storage, and supply chain coordination, MSI guarantees finished products are shipped on time with no defects to improve time to market and ensure quality.

MSI offers a tailored inventory and storage management service that your business can rely on.

Efficient inventory management is all about knowing how much product you have, knowing where it’s located, rapid retrieval, and forecasting future needs. Proper inventory management can be a challenge for businesses that lack the time and skilled personnel.

With decades of experience in managing inventory, MSI creates a flexible and responsive supply chain where every inventory and storage milestone is tracked, processed, and adapted to best fit your needs. With over 350,000 square feet of secure warehouse space, we utilize refined industry process disciplines that ensure timely order placement, intake quality control, and dependable inventory management.



Get your orders to your customers quickly and accurately with our tailored manufacturing fulfillment services. We have the ability to store your inventory until orders are placed and control the fulfillment process up to the point of delivery.

Our experienced team of fulfillment specialists pride themselves on adhering to strict QMS standards and upholding Kaizen Lean manufacturing principles to provide our customers with high-quality finished products backed by our 100% defect-free guarantee.

With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space available, you can be sure that when it’s time to grow, MSI is prepared to handle your requirements. Growing companies appreciate the ability to quickly increase customer order capacity without having to increase space or hire additional labor.

Never miss a deadline and respond with speed to fluctuating demands by outsourcing your unique warehousing and distribution needs to a trusted third-party logistics service provider. With expertise in diverse and dynamic supply chain environments, our logistics team provides flexibility and adaptability, assuring that your customers get their orders on time and as ordered.

Leverage a full-time trained and dedicated fulfillment team, who is ready when you are. The objective is to make sure your finished product is received in the right condition, in the right quantity, and at the right time.

From heated and dry warehouse space to flexible pick-up and delivery services, our advanced warehousing and distribution capabilities will ensure the utmost protection of your production assets. Specialized warehouse management equipment such as adjustable loading docks and automated pallet wrapping machines enable efficient distribution of finished products.

What capabilities does MSI have to offset for your contract manufacturing needs?

Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

Bring your prepared CAD file to our large automated cutting tables to initiate a streamlined precision cutting process. With a cutting tolerance within +/-0.030" we ensure a cost-effective and reliable finished product with exceptional quality results.

Automated static cutting tables are fabric-based and excel at single to low-ply cutting. OEMs and businesses that need to cut a variety of shapes and sizes for smaller production runs can avoid die cutting and custom die by leveraging automated static cutting tables. Cutting tables can cut material with ultimate efficiency and precision. Materials can be but not limited to: cheesecloth, plastic, cotton, leather, nylon, and vinyl as well as more high-tech materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, Cordera, and fiberglass-polyester blends.

  • Up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet long
  • Extremely reliable
  • Multiple machine redundancy
  • High Speed Cutting, Marking, Drilling and Punching
  • Precise and accurate
  • SMART – Easy Cut Control Software
  • Highly trained technicians to cut your next job
  • Supply your own DXF file or our design team can create one for you

Automotive, Aerospace, Composites, Furniture, Fiber, Industrial Fabrics, Laminated Glass, Marine, Medical, Sewn Products, and Wind Energy are just a few applications you can use automatic static cutting for.

Metal Processing & Finishing

Our highly skilled technicians are experienced in numerous metal finishing processes such as CNC processing to ensure all your unique metal processing and finishing needs are met. Your team can finish the production process or for a flat rate, MSI will assemble, package, store, and ship your products.

Waterjet machining, while maintaining high precision. To cut a wider range of materials from tool steel to titanium to foam, a granular (typically garnet) abrasive is added to the waterjet, increasing the cutting power to up to 7” thick and ensuring your precision cutting project is completed as fast as possible with the highest degree of accuracy at the most cost-effective price. Control software allows us to draw or upload a 3D model for fast cutting. Abrasive waterjets can cut virtually any material, including glass and reflective materials, metal, stone and a wide range of thicknesses.

  • No harmful vapors are emitted with abrasive waterjet cutting
  • Print to cut parts in minutes
  • Accuracy of +/-.005”
  • Efficient & cost effective
  • Precise internal cut outs
  • Endless possibilities for shape cutting
  • No heat affected zones
  • No tool changes required
  • Increased cutting flexibility

Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Military, Education, Marine, Medical, Energy, Stone Cutting, Rubber and Composite Parts are just a few applications you can use waterjet cutting for.

Metal Forming & Bending

We solve all of your unique metal fabrication needs with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Using state-of-the-art CNC hydraulic press brake machines, our experienced fabricators will quickly form, shape, or bend metal products or parts with incredibly tight tolerances to ensure your exact specifications are met.

Hydraulic Press Brake equipment gives shape to metal sheets by bending steel and other materials at various angles to create different structures. Metal sheets are slotted into the machine and a ram then presses on the metal until it bends in place. With the AMADA HG 1303, expect an extremely fast approach, with bending and return speeds providing quicker cycle times and resulting in more parts per hour. AMADA's 6-Axis back gauge speeds set-ups for complex parts and its patented hybrid hydraulic crown bed design automatically provides consistent angular accuracy. Simply load in a 3D representation of the work piece and let our automatic program create the production file or, alternatively, load your own file. Dr. ABE Bend simulation software allows our operators to take the part into a simulation environment to reduce cost per part during set-up or calibration.

  • In-House forming Capabilities
  • Reduced material waste
  • Punching
  • Hemming
  • Complex forming
  • Production bending
  • Prototype forming
  • Automation
  • Flexibility
  • Job Costing Analysis

Automotive, Aviation, Agricultural, Energy, Military, and Transportation are just a few applications you can use hydraulic press brake technology for.

What sets MSI apart from other contract manufacturers?

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MSI strives to provide the highest possible quality products for its customers. We work hard to understand what our customers want and we work harder to make sure that they get it.


  • PDCA - Data-Driven Decision-making
  • Inbound Quality Inspections
  • Outbound Quality Inspections
  • Fiscal Strength & Responsibility
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Documented, Consistent & Thorough Customer Interactions
  • Values-Based Employer
  • 100% On-Time Delivery
  • Lean Manufacturing Practices such as:
    • Kaizen based Continuous Improvement
    • Weekly Gemba Walks
    • 6S methods

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and providing them with products and services that meet all of their requirements. MSI’s path of continuous improvement is based on the pursuit of our strategic objectives and dedication to increasing the customer experience to ensure ongoing mutual profitability.

This message is re-enforced throughout our organization by our Management group down to the production floor and is evident in our daily operations. Our staff lives this culture and our customers know it.

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