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Manufacturing Solutions Inc. Invests in Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. Invests in Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. (MSI) is proud to announce that the AMADA HG 1303 Hydraulic Press Brake is now available to customers as part of MSI’s contract manufacturing services.

Empowered by cutting-edge machinery, MSI is excited to expand its contract manufacturing offerings by providing metal forming and bending services for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and more. Manufacturers can confidently outsource their custom metal forming and bending projects, knowing their materials will be 100% defect-free and compliant to their respective industry standards.

Providing Added Value to Your Metal Forming and Bending Projects

Metal bending and forming for manufacturers and businesses is a service that reshapes metal components using press brake machines and other industrial equipment. With a CNC (computerized numerical control) hydraulic press brake, like the AMADA HG 1303, metal bending and forming processes are exceptionally accurate, versatile, and automated using CAD/CAM drawings to enable greater precision. Using a high-quality CNC hydraulic press brake machine, our experienced fabricators will quickly form, shape, or bend metal products or parts with incredibly tight tolerances to ensure exact specifications are met.

Hydraulic press brake machines work in tandem and complement other manufacturing processes. For example, a technician can cut a complex pattern from sheet metal using a waterjet cutter and then use a press brake machine to bend the cut metal into its final form. Businesses can improve the quality and speed of production and lower overhead costs when partnering with an experienced contract manufacturer that strategically leverages complementary machines.

Outsourcing metal forming and bending projects to an experienced contract manufacturer increases speed to market without requiring capital-intensive investments such as buying costly machinery, leasing additional facility space, and hiring and training new employees. 

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Features of AMADA HG 1303 Hydraulic Press Brake

Providing precise metal bending results, the AMADA HG 1303 Hydraulic Press Brake is designed to ensure the utmost versatility and ease of use. With a bending force (tonnage) of 146 tons, the machine can bend, shape, and mold a wide range of varying metal thicknesses. The machine has an open height of 20.5 inches and a stroke length of 9.8 inches, maximizing bending versatility.

Driven by a servo-hydraulic drive system, the HG 1303 provides fast cycle times with unparalleled accuracy, enabling fabricators to easily achieve higher levels of metal bending productivity. The active hydraulic crowning and active angle measuring system combined with a fast bending spend of 0.79 inches per second ensures maximum precision and linearity for all types of components and materials.

The HG 1303 Hydraulic Press Brake has additional features to provide manufacturers unrivaled productivity and precision, including:

  • User-Friendly Control Panel - Equipped with an intuitive 19 inch multi-touch LCD numerical control panel designed to simplify operations and enable fast programming for even the most complex parts.
  • Added-Value Software - Machine comes with dedicated CAM software for offline programming, enabling fabricators to decrease setup time and increase throughput significantly.
  • Additional L-Shift Feature - Uses an independent L-Axis to increase gauging versatility, enabling fabricators to bend a wide variety of complex or asymmetrical shapes.
  • Enhanced Emergency Safety Properties - The machine has safety features, including an emergency shut-off button on the controller panel, an interlock (OFF mode), and real-time axis movement shut down when the guard is opened.

Solve Your Metal Forming Challenges with a High-Precision Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

By partnering with an experienced contract manufacturer that consistently invests in the latest metal forming technology, manufacturers and businesses can quickly achieve higher levels of bending productivity at a more economical price. A contract manufacturer that embraces new technology - like hydraulic press brake machines - for the future success of their clients will have the resources and capabilities to scale production without sacrificing quality.

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