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Manufacturing Solutions Inc. Invests in State-of-the-Art 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Technology

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. Invests in State-of-the-Art 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Technology

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. (MSI) is proud to announce that the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center will be available to their customers as part of MSI’s precision cutting services.

MSI is excited to add waterjet cutting capabilities to their precision cutting services as it will provide manufacturers next-generation accuracy using a cost-effective, scalable, and environmentally friendly process. Manufacturers can confidently outsource their custom cutting projects knowing their materials will be defect free and compliant to their respective industry standards. 

Providing Added Value to Your Precision Cutting Process

Expected to be fully operational in early March, the addition of the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center will enable MSI to offer 5-axis precision cutting for nearly any material. This will allow MSI to offer extremely precise cutting services for advanced manufacturing processes requiring tolerances as tight as 0.001 inches.

The industry leading custom cutting precision from the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center will ensure manufacturers comply with the rigorous regulatory standards commonly found in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

MSI offers all customers a 100% defect-free guarantee on finalized products. The newest custom cutting machine will continue to uphold these standards as maintaining customer satisfaction is paramount. 

Features of OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center

Contract cutting service providers that use waterjet cutting are no longer hampered by the limitations of traditional cutting methods. The benefits associated with using a waterjet cutter for custom cutting are now amplified by the innovative features of the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center. 

The robust and reliable OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center is the largest OMAX machine designed to maximize production and profitability. Here is an overview of the top features.

  • The OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center has the fastest cutting speeds and precision standards compared to any competitive abrasive waterjet in the industry.
  • The pump design is reliable and capable of over 1,000 hours between maintenance which reduces downtime and expedites cutting results for customers.
  • Standard scissor-style hard plumbing creates another level of safety by using contained high-pressure components, as well as contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, lower maintenance, and higher reliability.

OMAX 60120 Waterjet Precision Cutter

Proprietary Software and Technology

The features of the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center will expedite manufacturers' custom cutting projects by providing a highly accurate, environmentally friendly process that is scalable and cost efficient.

In addition to the attractive features, the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center comes with a host of proprietary software and technology to meet and exceed the evolving precision cutting needs of manufacturers. Here are some of the exclusive proprietary technologies that come with the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center.

  • Omax’s standard IntelliVISOR SE System Monitoring offers predictive maintenance and system monitoring to minimize unexpected downtime and increase efficiency. The software provides a comprehensive alert system that keeps operators aware of malfunctions to maximize productivity. 
  • The exclusive EnduroMAX pump delivers faster and more efficient custom cutting. The pump has the highest nozzle horsepower in the industry.

OMAX 60120 Custom Cutting Waterjet

Investing in Your Future Precision Cutting Success

With the newest addition of the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center, businesses no longer need to worry about meeting the rigorous standards found in industries that require precise tolerances. The OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center ensures maintained precision for nearly any material with an exceedingly small margin of error.

Manufacturers can feel confident delegating their custom cutting needs to a qualified and trusted precision cutting service provider that embraces new technology for the future success of their clients.

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