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Advantages of Working with a Contract Manufacturer Committed to Quality Management

March 8, 2022

Advantages of Working with a Contract Manufacturer Committed to Quality Management

Brand reputation is created slowly over time. It is built on positive customer experiences and sustained by long-term customer perception. In the manufacturing industry, perception is everything. Customer perception impacts acquisition and retention rates and shapes long-term relationships.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and business success rely on creating positive customer perceptions. And what is one of the most significant influences on customer perception? Quality.

The right manufacturing partner improves efficiency and promotes quality through every step of the production process. A reputable partner will quickly deploy its capable, trained, and quality-driven workforce to deliver quality products regardless of fluctuating consumer demands. They have strict quality management systems and continually audit processes to provide their customers with the highest quality products and services.

Here are three reasons why OEMs and businesses should work with a contract manufacturer committed to quality management.

1. Elevated Product Quality

Contract manufacturers with an integrated quality management system (QMS) indicate their strict adherence to a formal system of processes, procedures, and tools to deliver elevated product quality consistently. A reputable contract manufacturer will embody and incorporate all three elements of quality management (quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement) into every production process to provide the highest quality products for its customers.

OEMs should partner with contract manufacturers with a QMS certified to the ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 refers to the frequently updated and revised international standard that specifies QMS requirements. Contract manufacturers that uphold these standards demonstrate their ability to consistently provide high-quality products and services that exceed customer expectations and meet regulatory requirements. When OEMs partner with a contract manufacturer with an ISO 9001 QMS, quality shifts from a potential liability to a profit driver.

2. Quality-Driven Workforce

Issues with quality management can impede business growth, or stop it all together, if not addressed appropriately. However, managing quality and recruiting the talent necessary to maintain quality standards is difficult for many start-up companies and fast-growing businesses.

One of the most substantial benefits of working with a contract manufacturer is the ability to augment in-house personnel with an on-demand and quality-driven workforce. A quality-driven workforce leverages industry connections and years of experience to fill the gaps in quality management knowledge to ensure high product quality. Gaining access to a pre-trained workforce also enables OEMs and businesses to conveniently bypass the rigors of hiring and training, empowering them to focus on more business-critical tasks, resulting in increased time, more focus, less stress, and improved profits.

In addition to the technical prowess of a contract manufacturer’s quality-driven workforce, OEMs can also take advantage of their advanced quality control processes, such as rigorous inbound and outbound quality inspections. These inspections enable technicians to verify quality at each stage of the production process, which provides the visibility needed to identify potential defects more efficiently. When a manufacturing services provider exercises advanced quality control, they not only produce higher quality products, but they improve safety, increase reliability, and avoid potential recalls that could harm the customer's reputation for quality.

3. Continuous Improvement

Contract manufacturers have dedicated quality management specialists who apply their collective experience and knowledge to drive continuous improvement. A lean contract manufacturer with a continuous improvement mindset will optimize its production processes to reduce defects, increase production quality, and adapt to evolving technological innovations.

Contract manufacturers also invest in state-of-the-art equipment to accurately assemble products with less waste at a lower cost. Qualified contract manufacturers can source additional equipment to complete a project to meet customer requirements, even if they don't initially have it.

When contract manufacturers demonstrate continuous quality improvement, OEMs develop trust in their ability to meet specific requirements consistently in a profitable way. More importantly, they instill faith and confidence that they are going above and beyond to maintain the standards and reputation of quality their company has worked so hard to establish.

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Preserve Your Reputation for Quality and Drive Continuous Improvement with Contract Manufacturing Services

Working with a contract manufacturer that lacks a quality management system (QMS) is a risk and can result in wasted resources, lost time, and a damaged reputation.

When OEMs and businesses partner with experienced contract manufacturers that engrain quality management into their culture and every facet of their production processes, they ensure the preservation of their reputation and maintain their ability to deliver high-quality products that delight and keep customers coming back for more.

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