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QOR360 & WCAX Shoot TV Segment at MSI

QOR360 & WCAX Shoot TV Segment at MSI

WCAX-Channel 3 from Burlington, VT recently shot a segment for their series called, “Made in Vermont” at MSI in Morrisville, VT. This segment features a Vermont company called QOR360, maker of ergonomic chairs that are ”changing the way the world sits”.  Founders Dr. Turner Osler and Lex Osler explain the concept; “Active sitting keeps your core strengthened and body aligned.  We are designed to move, and when you stay in motion, your back appreciates it.” 

Shoot 5

Ryan Heyliger (MSI) & Scott Fleishman (WCAX)

QOR360 has experienced significant growth in their one-of-kind chair sales.  Until recently their chairs were assembled in their basement.  and they have been hauling the chairs out to be shipped to customer all over the world.  As orders have mounting, they have been challenged with scaling-up their production based on increasing orders.  The Osler duo met Keith Koehler, Business Development Manager for MSI on the Road Pitch in 2017.  The demand grew steadily and reached the point where they knew that partnering with MSI was the right solution to support their sustained and aggressive growth strategy.  Turner is pleased with the move, “Thanks for making this transition go so smoothly; Lex and I appreciate all the time you've poured into this project lately.”  

Shoot 11

L-R - Tom Olsen (MSI), Lex Osler (QOR360), Dr, Turner Osler (QOR360) & Keith Koehler (MSI)

WCAX veteran Reporter and Anchor Scott Fleishman captured the essence of the assembly and fulfillment by shooting aspects of process as he interviewed those involved.  

Shoot 9

MSI Logistics Manager Ryan Heyliger demonstrating the assembly of the Ariel chair.

With sustained low employment rates, repatriation of overseas manufacturing due to inconsistent quality, delayed deliveries and tariff considerations, expensive production space and meeting expedited delivery schedules, more and more producers are turning to quality contract manufacturers, as their solution.  Enriching the benefits of contract mechanical and electrical assembly and fulfillment services, MSI offers a 100% Zero-Defect Guarantee, with the stability of Fixed Per-Unit Pricing.  In its 23-year history, Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. has steadily grown to 250 employees by providing high-volume, ISO-9001:2015 high-quality “manufacturing solutions” to existing manufacturers, entrepreneurs and start-ups.  MSI – Solutions is our Middle Name. 

Shoot 18

Scott Fleishman (WCAX) interviewing Keith Koehler (MSI)

Thank you to everyone involved!

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