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2019 Award Winners

For the 5th consecutive year, MSI has made the list! 

The Vermont Business Growth Award is awarded to the Top 25 Vermont companies, as determined by revenue growth. 

We are grateful for the dedication and support of many people.

MSI would like to first thank our incredible team of manufacturing technicians, administrative support staff, engineers, department managers and facilities professionals who rally daily to keep MSI operating effectively, efficiently, as Lean as possible, while still maintaining the high-volume, high-quality production levels demanded and expected by our clients.

MSI would also like to thank the many customers and clients who have been with MSI for much, if not all of our 23 years of operation.  In addition, we’re thankful for the many innovators, entrepreneurs and manufacturing paradigm-shifters, who have recognized, and now tangibly realize the benefits of partnering with a trusted contract manufacturer.

The award ceremony is on Tuesday, September.  We hope to see you and the other award-winners there.

Thank you!

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