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How to Scale-up Production

How to Scale-up Production

How can I scale-up my manufacturing?  How can I spend more time selling my product, and less time making my product?  Can a contract manufacturer really help me increase my sales?  From existing manufacturers to start-up businesses, leadership, owners and managers ask these questions. 

For almost every meaningful benefit in business, there is a cost.  The real question is, “Will the cost result in a decent return on investment?”  Like buying specialized equipment, or hiring skilled people, there is a cost involved when partnering with a contract manufacturer.  There is also a myriad of benefits.  


MSI began as a contract manufacturer in 1996 with two people.  In just 24 years MSI’s employment recently topped 300 people, and growth continues.  Why?  The MSI model works for customers. 

Managing a successful manufacturing operation of any size requires many varied and often costly resources.  It requires a dependable, skilled workforce and the human resources to manage them.  It requires production space.  It requires discipline, process expertise and quality engineering.  It requires the flexibility to scale-up or down with often unpredictable volume.  It requires equipment, vehicles, tooling, fixturing, maintenance, energy, permitting, waste, and time.  Yes.  Time, the most valued resource for many.  If one does not have a good grasp on all of the above, a manufacturing business can struggle to achieve their goals.  How can one connect all the dots quickly, easily and cost-effectively? 

MSI has these resources in place, ready-to-go, and offers these benefits to its customers, in customized, neat packages.  There are numerous examples of how MSI has empowered companies of all sizes to reach their goals over the years. 

Gray Seats

QOR360 is the latest example.  Two Vermont entrepreneurs were trying to make and sell their product.  They had the vision, the dream, and the right product.  They worked hard.  They struggled to scale-up, and found their business model becoming stagnant.  They moved their production to MSI, and immediately found more time to focus on what they do best.  More time to market and sell their product.  It’s working.  Their growth curve has been dramatic.  

Nathalie Posing

Can you afford to shift your production to MSI?  Can you afford not to?

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