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Manufacturing Solutions Inc. is awarded VEGI Incentive

Manufacturing Solutions Inc. is awarded VEGI Incentive

Morrisville, VT: Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has been accepted into the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) program by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development. MSI received support and assistance throughout the process from the Lamoille Economic Development Corporation. This incentive will support the company’s plans to expand space and improve tooling, resulting in new and improved jobs.

A key to manufacturing success is having adequate space and production capability available in order to respond swiftly when production demands increase abruptly. As a contract manufacturing solutions provider, MSI provides both space and production services to other companies and manufacturers. The VEGI incentive will enable MSI to connect two existing buildings with a 47,000 SF addition. This addition will provide needed space to streamline the process flow— from the receiving of raw materials, through assembly, quality-check, fulfillment and shipping to end users.

MSI’s customers will benefit from reliable, high-quality production systems and defect-free product delivery. The VEGI incentive will support continued and increased productivity investments in cutting-edge tooling and automation. While state-of-the-art equipment is expected to advance efficiencies, accompanying benefits include improved employee safety, ergonomics, and comfort. Operation of more sophisticated technologies is also expected to involve the hiring of additional higher-paid engineers and maintenance staff to support these systems.

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is critical to the success of any organization. MSI strives to be one of the best places to work in Vermont. The expansion facilitated by the VEGI program will further assure that employees continue to receive competitive compensation and benefits.

Founded in 1996, Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is an ISO-9001:2008-certified (currently in the audit process for the 2015 level) provider of manufacturing, assembly, sub-assembly, kitting, packing, fulfillment, storage, office, retail and warehouse space, offering worldwide logistics and customer service for companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes. MSI’s client owners and management enjoy focusing on the aspects of their business that they are best-suited and enjoy; partnering with MSI to manage the manufacturing and supply chain aspects. “Solutions is our Middle Name”.


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