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MSI Partners with Community College of Vermont for Workforce Training and Education Opportunities

February 5, 2018

MSI Partners with Community College of Vermont for Workforce Training and Education Opportunities

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI) recently partnered with Community College of Vermont (CCV) in offering a Certified Production Technician (CPT) training course for interested employees.

CPT certification is an industry-recognized credential that sets manufacturing employees apart in their profession. A certification demonstrates that one has the background knowledge and practical skills required for success in many of today’s manufacturing positions. A CPT designation often results in promotions, increased job stability, and improved long-term earning power for the individual, while also providing a more stable, technically-capable, productive, and engaged workforce for the company.

The program, held weekly at MSI, consisted of four production modules, each taking six to seven weeks to complete. The modules covered include safety, quality practices and measurements, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness.

CCV Grad“MSI is a strong proponent of growing and developing its talent from within,” said Kim White, Human Resources Manager, MSI. “We’ve found that investing in our workforce for development opportunities such as this with CCV have resulted in a stronger, more capable, and dedicated team.”

In a company-wide award ceremony, MSI was pleased to recognize seven employees who successfully completed the entire program and have earned their CPT certification. Certificates were presented by Pam Chisholm, the Executive Director of the CCV Morrisville Campus and Dean of Enrollment Services at CCV, as well as Erik Zetterstrom, the CPT course instructor.

MSI employees (hire year) who received the CPT designation are Joshua Draper (1997), Levi Lacey (2007), Lisa Benton (2014), Jake Dufresne (2014), Sheena Lee (2014), Ben Hawley (2016), and Chris Martell (2016).

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