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Case Study - Manufacturer B

Case Study - Manufacturer B

How do Manufacturers Benefit from Partnering with MSI?

"Manufacturer B" – Electronic Devices

Manufacturer B started in the early 1960's, in a business that at the time, was a fledgling industry. They achieved slow and steady success over time, becoming a dominant player in their markets.  Nearing the new millennium, demands for their sophisticated electronic applications grew exponentially, propelling them to develop new products, new strategies and pursue new markets domestically and internationally.  Their products were soon deployed in nearly every corner of our planet.

Their tried and true, legacy products remain in daily use globally.  Demand remains high for these trusted products, as well as the associated parts and components.  Simultaneously, the newer technologies and innovations are taking hold in the marketplace. 

Manufacturer B decided it best to utilize their proven, long-term successful assembly employees by focusing their skills and talents on the more complex newer products.  Rather than hire multiple new employees, Manufacturer B elected to trust their legacy products to MSI’s assembly technicians.  As expected, there was some degree of trepidation in essentially turning over their processes to MSI.  After a first-article trial, and a sizeable completed order, it was clear that MSI was able to meet their rigorous quality standards and schedule with ease.

Manufacturer B was pleased that MSI’s process engineers offered numerous process, fastener and component suggestions, reducing the manufacturing cost, a more durable product and consistent quality.

Why did Manufacturer B Choose MSI?

  • Stability of a Per-Unit Fixed Pricing
  • 100% Zero-Defect Guarantee
  • Product/Process Improvements
  • Consistent ISO High Quality
  • Reliability of Lean Process Resulting in Improved Product Consistency
  • Flexibility/Scalability with Customer Orders

Manufacturer B’s Leadership Team was Empowered to Focus on their Core Strengths including:

  • Focus on New Product Production
  • Capitalizing on Market Opportunities
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Maintaining a Close Relationship with Customer Base

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