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Case Study - Manufacturer A

Case Study - Manufacturer A

How do Manufacturers Benefit from Partnering with MSI?

Case Study - "Manufacturer A" – Fitness Products

Manufacturer A was founded by high-level athletes with a strong desire to invent a new class of fitness and training equipment that would be durable, effective and desirable to others of their athletic caliber, while keeping the cost as reasonable as possible for mid-level and casual fitness enthusiasts.  As with any start-up business, they began modestly.  They found that their design was popular, and the orders began to increase.  Things were going well, as they designed, manufactured, marketed, sold and fulfilled their increasing orders; entirely with in-house personnel.


As the business grew, the supply chain became more complex.  This complexity is a normal part of the growing pains associated with operating a successful start-up business.  After twenty years directly managing all aspects of the business, they believed that they would achieve better market penetration if they focused with intensity on the design, sales and the positive customer experience they were known for. 

Over a several-year period of scaling-up, Manufacturer A contracted with Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (MSI) to handle their component receiving, QC, inventory, storage, production and assembly, kitting, quality-testing, packaging, storing and shipping of one product line.  Today MSI manages the supply chain for their multiple products, and their business continues to thrive as a preeminent leader in fitness products for the serious athlete.

Why did Manufacturer A Choose MSI?

  • Stability of a Per-Unit Fixed Pricing
  • 100% Zero-Defect Guarantee
  • Consistent ISO High Quality
  • Reliability of Lean Process Resulting in Improved Product Consistency
  • Flexibility/Scalability with Customer Order Fluctuation

Manufacturer A’s Leadership Team was Empowered to Focus on their Core Strengths including:

  • Product Design
  • Product Improvement
  • Capitalizing on Market Opportunities
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Maintaining a Close Relationship with Customer Base

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