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Back to Normal?

Back to Normal?

“Normal” can mean different things to different people, and to different companies. 

From conversations with our manufacturering partners over the last few months, whatever WAS considered normal is NOT how businesses are currently operating.  

Physical separation, travel restrictions, employee shortages and supply chain interruptions are redefining the previously normal methods of operation.

Here's what we're hearing: 

  • "With physical distancing, we don’t have the production space to operate as effectively as before." 
  • "We’re having trouble finding enough production technicians for our demand." 
  • "Since we’ve hired temps, our defect rate has increased and our productivity rate has dropped."
  • "We want to bring our manufacturing back to the US."

Does what we’ve heard resonate with you? 

In “normal” times, many prefer to deal with these challenges internally.  These aren’t normal times.  And we don’t know what lies ahead.  There are solutions within easy reach. 

Might this be a good time to consider chatting with a reputable contract manufacturer? 

MSI is ISO-9001:2015, operating in a 178,000 SF facility, with 387 manufacturing techs on 3 shifts, ready to produce to your exact standards, pick, pack and ship, while offering you a Zero-Defect Guarantee.

Knowledge is power.  Learning about your possible options just takes a few minutes.  Maybe "normal" isn't that far off?

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