MSI Earns Vermont Business Growth Award Again in 2018...4 Years in a Row!


L-R - Joe Ostrout, Melanie Clark, Beth Salvas, Garret Hirchak, Kevin Kressner & Keith Koehler

Since 2015, MSI has been a consistent recipient of the Vermont Business Growth Award.  The VBGA, is sponsored by Vermont Business Magazine, and recognizes those businesses who post significant revenue gains each year. 

Increasingly, finding and retaining good people is a challenge.  More and more companies are realizing the benefits of outsourcing portions of their supply chain, to augment their own workforce, or partner with MSI, rather than remain in an endless loop of advertising, interviewing, hiring, retaining, disciplining and laying-off when things slow down. 

Thank you to all of these companies who have chosen to trust MSI as their go-to solution for manufacturing.

Solutions is Our Middle Name

Skilled Workforce
Production Space
Consistent High Quality
Process Expertise
Expedited Delivery

If these are your challenges, MSI has your solution.

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