Does your business struggle with fluctuating demand for production?

Do you have adequate space to manufacture or assemble your product?

Burdened with hiring and retention costs only to layoff when things slow down?

MSI Solutions

Contract Manufacturing

Increase your efficiency, control costs, and eliminate waste when bringing your product from concept to conception

The MSI team produces and assembles finalized products or project components for companies that want to focus their efforts on growth, not production requirements. Our contract manufacturing team prides ourselves on providing customers with high-quality custom products. Our Six-Sigma Black Belts and ISO 9001:2015 Certification, enable our 100% defect-free guarantee.

If you’d rather be building your business and not managing the hassles of production, it’s time to give us a call. We have a long list of capabilities and are constantly adapting them to fit exactly what our customers need.

Specialized Capabilities


Precision Machining

Let our highly-skilled engineers and technicians cover your next machining project. We can provide a lightning fast response to precision tasks from milling to riveting and most everything in between.

Precision Cutting

We can help you increase fulfillment rates and production quality with our extensive precision cutting processes. Our customizable configuration setups allow you to bring CAD files to the table for a number of materials.

Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Do you have adequate space for product assembly? Why lease or add-on? MSI can do the contract assembly work for you, leaving your company with more profits and fewer headaches.

Defect-Free Guarantee

Our dedicated quality control team ensures 100% defect-free final products.

ISO Certified Company

We’re an ISO certified Contract Manufacturer

MSI’s 100,000+ square feet of heated warehouses enables us to accommodate shipments of any size, offering:

  • Packaging
  • Repackaging
  • Kitting
  • Direct LTL and Truckload Freight
  • International Shipping

Defect-Free Guarantee

Our dedicated quality control team ensures


defect-free final products

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