Keith Koehler

Keith Koehler

Director of Business Development

Keith Koehler is responsible for Sales and Marketing for all MSI divisions.

Keith's View of MSI:

“MSI can do practically anything.  The positive, cheerful, can-do attitude within every employee from top-to-bottom is inspiring.  The institutional talent, intellectual horsepower, engineering and technical skills combined with an unswerving desire for perfection…and beyond, is embodied by this entire organization without question.  

Existing manufacturers come to MSI with challenges.  Entrepreneurs and Start-ups come to MSI with dreams.   Matching MSI's talent and capabilities with these challenges and dreams brings smiles to the faces of our customers and clients.   Hearing their success stories is invigorating, fulfilling and rewarding, personally and professionally.  

Everyone likes to win, and everyone likes a winner.  MSI is a win-win.”

Quote Keith Values:

“I always dreamed.  I never gave up.  Even when the times got tough.  That’s when I pushed it a little bit more. You shoulda' heard those engines roar!  I was born to run.” – Gary Rossington/Lynyrd Skynyrd

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