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Mission:  Ensure an efficient cleaning process in a positive safe environment, resulting in on-time delivery of a quality assigned cleaning tasks.

Management Objectives:  Management will provide you with specific measurable objectives against the following key metrics.  You will be evaluated against these objectives.  In other words, your job is to achieve these objectives, and to ask for help when you are not achieving them.   Your job is also to make sure you have the data to evaluate yourself against these objectives, and to provide summary data and analysis of these objectives to management.

  1. Productivity Graph – Labor Graphs and Over Time Report
  2. Preventable Quality Defects
  3. Safety Incidents
  4. 5S
  5. Scheduled Work Completed On Time
  6. Morale and Satisfaction of Production Staff, Management, and Customers
  7. Creating and Maintaining Adequate Staff and Equipment to meet Expected Cleaning Demands
  8. Monitoring Department Budget and Making Changes as Necessary to Meet the Budget Profit goals

Delegation:   Your job is to determine what tasks need to be delegated to your staff in order to achieve the objectives given to you by management related to the above list of metrics.


Able to Promote MSI Values

Cleaning experience

Proven ability to work at Master Skill Level (Leads by example)

Proven Leadership Ability:

  • Enables others to achieve quality and efficiency on the Floor
  • Able to identify and eliminate waste
  • Able to troubleshoot effectively
  • Able to use numbers and metrics to communicate and make decisions
  • Able to create, implement and work within current systems
  • Able to manage documentation requirements
  • Able to give both positive and constructive feedback
  • Able to delegate successfully
  • Able to drive Continued Process Improvement (PDCA)

Good Customer Contact

Must be able to complete tasks listed below: 


  1. Manage by walking around: On the floor troubleshooter. Provide or arrange for provision of any necessary resources for Cleaning workers in your department.
  • Scheduling adjustments on the floor.
  • Read daily comments in your department. Read and respond to Suggestion Box entries in your department.
  • Conduct Big Picture Walkthrough daily. This will drive agenda items for department meetings (Delivery, Quality, Efficiency, 5S, Safety, Improvement Tasks/Projects).
  • Report out weekly on tasks/projects completed in current week as well as those planned for the following week and schedule items in Outlook Calendar.
  1. Problem Solving: As problems arise that impact your ability to achieve the objectives given you by management on the key metrics listed above, you must be able to identify the root cause of the problem, run a PDCA process, and effectively solve the problem to get back on track with the objectives.  This may mean you need to develop a data gathering system to ensure you have the data to effectively identify the “leading indicators” of a problem.  For example, a workman’s comp invoice is a lagging indicator, whereas, a person complaining about a sore wrist after a shift is a leading indicator.
  2. Continuous Process Improvement: Make improvement or repair requests to Process Team. Effectively identify the need for a PDCA, assemble appropriate team for PDCA, Lead, Drive and Participate in PDCA process. “Hire” Process Team for PDCA and for projects as appropriate.
  3. Staff Development: Participate in hiring, evaluations, coaching, and staff development plans.
  4. Department Financials: Participate in Profit and Loss review and planning (PDCA) for cost control.
  • Approve payroll (control labor costs).
  1. Time Management: All activities will be planned ahead, approved, and shown in individual outlook calendars.
  2. Staffing Scheduling: Staffing in computer weekly, to assure needs of the department are covered.
  3. Metrics: All department metrics in addendum will be reported and adjustments made to achieve desired results.

Physical Requirements

  • Able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. frequently.
  • Able to push/pull carts with up to 50 lbs. frequently.
  • Able to stand on concrete floors for extended period of time.
  • Able to walk frequently in the course of job duties.
  • Able to twist up to 45 degrees on a frequent basis.
  • Able to climb stairs to reach to the production floor.
  • Able to crouch, kneel and reach on a frequent basis.
  • Able to consistently grip tools required for the job duties up to 80 lbs. of pressure.
  • Able to pinch product used in assembly with 20 lbs. of pressure on a frequent basis.
  • Able to participate in daily mandatory stretch break.


Team Membership: Department Leads and Managers

Reports to: CMO

Meeting Requirements:  Conduct Monthly Dept. Meetings; other as required

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