Product Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Contract assembly and packaging services

Product assembly focuses on combining partially finished parts into a finalized product. This process can involve welding, gluing, packaging, cutting, nailing, kitting, or bolting components. Given all these options, there is a wide array of required assets when setting up an assembly line as no two look exactly alike. Assemblers need to be trained to adjust skill sets, product stations need to be adaptable, and process controls need to be developed to retain quality. A well-oiled assembly line requires everything to be in alignment.

Assembly is time-consuming and can become expensive if you can’t access the right labor force or nail down the right process. Just paying a few cents extra on each finalized product can cut into your bottom line. That’s why contract assembly and packaging has recently become a valued service. It provides growing companies a way to keep overhead costs low, avoid hiring large workforces, without sacrificing quality.

Why work with MSI for product assembly?

We embody the latest techniques in efficiency. Our assemblers are dialed into the industry best practices and are constantly making adjustments to make their processes more efficient. We have helped dozens of companies shave off overhead costs and increase the quality of their finalized products.

MSI can handle volume and demand changes that your customers might require. We have the disciplines in place to accommodate your contract assembly needs, no matter how specific they are. If you are ready for an assembly partner let’s talk.

Specialized Assembly Services

CNC Milling

Mechanical Systems

CNC Milling


CNC Milling

Electrical Systems

CNC Milling


CNC Milling

Assembly Automation

CNC Milling

Die Cutting

CNC Milling


  • Mechanical Systems
  • Assembly Automation
  • Stitching
  • Die Cutting
  • Electrical Systems
  • Kitting
  • Packaging

Assembly & Sub-Assembly Equipment

  • Bar-Tacker
  • 35-Ton Freeman Head Press Die Cutter
  • Screw-feeders
  • Motoman Robot System
  • One Step Chamber Shrink Wrapper
  • Sawyer Robots – with Rethink Click Smart Pneumatic Small Gripper
  • Riv-Nut Gun & Pneumatic Tools
  • Arbor Press

Advantages of working with MSI

Reduced Costs

We are experts in the assembly field. Our corrective action and review process keeps efficiencies high and errors low.


Without proper management, hand assembly is expensive and prone to high levels of error. Our full-service assembly lines have the ability to fully or partially automate your assembly process.


We offer all our customers a 100% defect-free guarantee on their finalized products.


Growing companies want the comfort of knowing when you need to grow your output capacity can grow without adding enormous labor and warehousing costs.

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